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2012 British Accountancy AwardsGlamour, glitz and accounting! Alright, so it wasn’t exactly the Oscars but we are extremely pleased to have been presented with “Software Product of the Year” honors at the 2012 British Accountancy Awards. Evaluated by a panel of esteemed accounting professionals, Certinia Accounting was selected as the winner based on unmatched innovation, measurable success and customer satisfaction — three criteria that we value deeply and are part of our founding principles. 

The judges stated that they were particularly impressed with our drive to successfully bring cloud computing to finance professional. Indeed, the accounting software market is undergoing radical change, triggered by the introduction of new technologies that enable accounting software to look, act and empower users differently. Certinia Accounting was built with mobile, social, platform and cloud capabilities in mind from the start, which accounts for our success to date.

The Salesforce CRM (a.k.a. Sales Cloud) offering is about growing the top line, while Certinia Accounting focuses on the bottom line. By combining those systems and aligning those business areas, customers can gain strategic, game-changing advantages. The CRM and accounting applications are embedded such that the line between them is indiscernible. When this seamless user experience is combined with the power of the platform and new social technologies such as Salesforce Chatter, organisations can not only streamline business process, but also improve how finance, sales, and services work together.

Demand for cloud accounting solutions is growing fast and reaching all corners of the market.

Our customers are looking for an advanced financial system, with all their apps on the same platform as, or wanting accounting embedded in—rather than interfaced to—Salesforce CRM, and we see huge opportunity among companies that are outgrowing Quickbooks and Sage.
Our focus on social technology also sets us apart and will continue to be at the center of what we do. has grown incredibly quickly since its launch in 2009, thanks to its unique proposition and on-going innovation. This along with our focus on customer service stands us in good stead to accelerate that growth.

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