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FinancialForce.Community London 2013, Bacon Butties, and Betty’s

Over 60 customers attended our first UK customer day which took place in London this past Friday. That’s the same attendance we had at our first US customer day held in San Francisco last September. Despite some late nights spent at various Customer Company Tour after-parties the night before – including our own river cruise – the promise of bacon butties and informative product training sessions did the trick, and our customers turned out in force.

After a few words from Jeremy Roche, our CEO, a Research and Development update with Debbie Ashton, VP Product and Customer Success and our ROW Customer Success Manager, Addy Clark, customers attended sessions on Reporting and ClickLink, and on optimizing their applications. Some customers gave us some same day, lunch break feedback, including:

“Thank you very much for a useful day. I really learned a lot. It’s great to see that is so driven and dedicated to being the best they can. This is filtered from the top down.” Clicktools

“Thank you I feel excited about all the improvements that we can make for 2013 and beyond.” Revo Media

“Great day. Very Informative on Certinia PSA and Certinia Accounting.” The Risk Advisory Group

During lunch, customers were given the chance to share experiences and swap tips on how they are using our applications. We hope to encourage more of this interaction in the future and look forward to our next Certinia.Community event being held in San Francisco on November 18th 2013.

As a parting gift, customers were given a small taste of Yorkshire with a Betty’s gift box containing some of their famous tea and some sweet treats. It’s amazing that customers based in London and even further afield were heard exclaiming ‘ooh Betty’s’ as the lift doors closed, no further explanation required.

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