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Partner Update: FinancialForce & Conga join forces to deliver a seamless doc gen solution

Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve formally partnered up with Conga, a go-to application provider for businesses looking to optimize their Salesforce investment. We will now offer Conga functionality within Certinia Financial Management applications, giving users seamless document generation and simplified delivery.

The Conga-Certinia solution provides users with the power to create richly formatted complex documents, invoices, statements, project summary reports and financial reports directly from Certinia Financial Management object data. Conga, together with Certinia allows customers to easily create personalized templates that produce a consistent output every single time, increasing overall productivity and further reduces errors.

Conga and Certinia customer Summa Technologies commented on the benefits of using the joint solution:

“Using both Conga and Certinia Financial Management has greatly improved Summa Technologies’ invoicing experience for both employees and customers,” said Lynne Stroyne, Financial Accountant at Summa Technologies. “The flexible and customizable joint solution has automated the invoicing process for us, making our team more productive. In fact, we’ve reduced the month-end invoicing from 4 days to just 2 days as well as increased the rate in collections reconciliation. We’re very pleased with the money and time savings benefits received from using Conga and Certinia in tandem.” 

Want to learn more and read thoughts from both Conga and Certinia executives? Check out the full press release announcement from Conga here.

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