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More positive end user reviews for

Certinia Accounting has received more positive reviews from end users on the AppExchange. Lucy Mills of Nimbus Partners scores the application 5 out of 5 using the star rating system and refers to it as ‘One click invoice magic’ going on to say that invoicing is now ‘one button click’. According to Lucy, the organization is seeing considerable ROI benefits including:

  • Process efficiencies – Invoicing is now one button click
  • Shared data – Improved data integrity and speed to accessing data in real time
  • Reporting – Monthly management and board reports and dashboard
  • Dual Currencies – Efficiencies and improved data accuracy
  • Multiple Companies – One Salesforce system with multiple finance companies and cross company reporting

Bobby Johnston of Norham Contracts, a small cleaning company based in Glasgow, UK, decided to move from using Sage through an outsourced bookkeeper to Certinia Accounting. He says the single biggest difference it has made to his business is the ability to have a real time picture of where his numbers stand. It’s hard to believe, but previously he says that he had to wait 4-6 weeks for his bookkeeper to create the entries which were then uploaded in bulk at set periods before reporting and analysis could take place. It’s great to see that cloud computing is supporting growth companies. Bobby says he has confidence that the application will grow with the business – ‘I also have the confidence to know that as my business grows this package will be able to comfortably handle it.’

Chironex Motorsports based in Canada also gives Certinia Accounting 5 stars and writes ‘It was very easy to realize the advantages of a cloud based solution over traditional PC based solutions. Learning the system was a very comfortable process. The most impressive feature for me was the reports tool. Timely improvements are made to keep the system up to date. I would be happy to recommend Certinia Accounting to any accountant/firm.’

Other reviews are available on the Salesforce AppExchange, so you don’t need to take our word for it, take our customers’ word for it!

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