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Thank you for an incredible Dreamforce 2017

What a week. After four days of sessions, networking, and parties, Dreamforce ends today.

For Certinia, the event was a resounding success. The numbers leave us in awe: Over 300K social media interactions and 30+ press mentions, including one great story in ZDNet highlighting our Salesforce CPQ announcement and Einstein capabilities: Certinia zeroes in on the ‘as-a-service’ economy.

But it wasn’t just online. Whether attending one of our sessions, stopping by Fogo de Chão for a meeting and Brazilian steak, or joining our Thrive party on Wednesday night, over 6,000 people shared in the Certinia experience at Dreamforce 2017. We hosted 300 meetings, over 20+ sessions, and two incredible parties-all amounting to one unforgettable Dreamforce.

So what were the biggest takeaways from Dreamforce? We sat down with three Certinia executives to hear what they had to say.

This was my sixth Dreamforce, but the first since I’ve left Salesforce. For me, it’s been an incredible experience because all of my family members at Salesforce are happy and rooting for us. I’ve had more people come to me and say I saw Certinia at Fogo de Chão, you guys look awesome. It’s incredible. Dreamforce is one of these events that you can’t describe. Marc Benioff has this saying, “Feel the Ohana spirit,” and this week you feel it.

So this was my first Dreamforce and all I can say is, “Wow.” I’ve been to probably 20 Oracle OpenWorlds and a lot of Microsoft events but this one blew me away. Two things: One, the warmth and engagement that Salesforce provides for all its customers. To have a personal touch for over 170,000 people is just crazy. Second, the tone of the people they bring to the event is just so positive. We’ve hosted thousands of people at this event, and I’ve never seen so many happy people.

This was my fifth Dreamforce. I always get excited during this week because the ecosystem around Salesforce is a positive one. We came up with this concept to meet as many prospects, customers, and partners as we possibly could, and it has just been tremendously successful. We hear from customers what’s good, what are challenges. We hear from prospects on what they’re looking for. And the ability to do all that in one place has been really uplifting.

There’s still so much to process, and in the coming weeks we’re planning to share blog posts recapping key highlights, from the most important Salesforce announcements to our own news that we’re all-in on Einstein, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for making this our biggest Dreamforce yet!

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