Salesforce Accounting: Streamlining Your Financial Processes

Are you tired of dealing with inaccurate financial data and wasting time inputting entries into multiple systems? Imagine if your accounting systems seamlessly integrated with your CRM. If your sales and customer records are already on Salesforce CRM, why not have your accounting records on the same platform?

Your company is growing—keep it that way.

It’s time to upgrade to a modern cloud accounting system.

Introducing Certinia Accounting, a comprehensive financial system natively built on the Salesforce CRM. By integrating your accounting systems into Salesforce, tasks become automated, making your CRM and accounting a complete, efficient, and scalable solution within the Salesforce environment.

Key Features of Certinia Accounting on Salesforce:

  • Time and Error Reduction: Eliminate duplicate data entry in finance and sales departments.
  • One-Click Invoicing: Create invoices directly from Salesforce opportunities with a single click.
  • Global and Customer-Specific Credit Terms: Set credit terms globally or for each customer account.
  • Automated Payment Calculations: Automatically calculate payments to invoices based on document references and amounts.

Better Together: Certinia Accounting and Salesforce

Certinia Accounting shares the same account object as Salesforce CRM, optimizing your opportunity-to-cash process. Invoices are created accurately the first time, providing real-time visibility into your customer’s standings in a single location. Our seamless integration ensures an easy setup without the need for expensive third-party solutions or IT support.

Master Customer Record

Imagine having everyone across sales, finance, service delivery, and support accessing real-time customer information. With a 360° view, every interaction, transaction, and request is accessible from one place, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. FCR Media, a digital media giant, hails these 360° views as “game-changing.”

Superior Customer Service

A single customer record provides real-time insights across the customer journey. Customer-facing staff can offer immediate, high-quality support, while financial leaders gain data for strategic decisions. This leads to exceptional customer service, enabling businesses to respond promptly to pricing adjustments, contract amendments, and service delivery tracking.

Unparalleled Efficiency and Accuracy

Generate invoices directly from sales opportunities with a master customer record, simplifying reporting and ensuring accuracy. A single system of record streamlines compliance processes and audit trail production, resulting in a 40% reduction in back-office costs, as seen by organizations like Methods.

Anticipate Customer Needs

Knowing more about your customers allows you to anticipate their needs, saving time, money, and resources. Additionally, it provides insights to develop new products and services, ultimately enhancing your ability to serve your customers better.

Discover the ease of Salesforce Accounting integration with Certinia—a seamless financial experience.

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