How to manage projects on Salesforce

It’s time to manage your projects on the right Salesforce project management app

As the tech world expands, companies grapple with increasingly sizable projects, necessitating the use of effective tools for management. Visualizing an entire project, from inception to completion, is crucial. Empower your project managers with detailed charts, graphs, and real-time data to excel in their roles. Transitioning your teams to project management on Salesforce consolidates the management of resources, finances, people, and customers—all within a unified platform.

Connect your services business at every stage.

Keep projects on time and profitable, customers happy, and reports up to date with Certinia on the Salesforce platform.

Mastering project management on Salesforce unifies your team and simplifies the project management process. Through the integration of the right resource management applications and Salesforce, your organization gains enhanced efficiency in project management.

Where can you find this powerful combination? Look no further than Certinia PS Cloud. Developed natively on the Salesforce platform, it dissects project resources by region, group, and project, enabling users to schedule resources seamlessly.

Certinia is committed to building apps directly on Salesforce, placing the customer at the core of project management. This approach brings teams closer together and ultimately delivers optimal value to your clients. Elevate your project management capabilities with Certinia PS Cloud on Salesforce.

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