How to Choose a Cloud Billing Platform

Are you at the point that you have recognized it is time for a new billing system? Is the current platform (or platforms) becoming inflexible and outdated? You need to look into Certinia Billing Central.

Interested in learning more about cloud billing?

Built on the Salesforce platform, Certinia is a cloud-based solution for all of your billing needs. We have something for you no matter how complex your billing processes are. You need a platform which is flexible, that can do much more than strictly billing! Certinia offers far more than just a billing platform, you are able to:

  • Create accurate invoices in one click
  • Create invoices from opportunities, quotes or custom objects
  • Customize invoice formats for email or printing
  • Give Finance, Sales & Service a 360° view of the customer
  • Reduce the resources needed for billing and A/R inquiries
  • Improve visibility with full revenue management on one effective platform
  • Shorten your period close

Learn more about Certinia Billing Central, if you need help on how to choose the right cloud billing platform for your business download our datasheet!

Subscription and Usage Billing – Watch Now

Embrace new business models with confidence with cloud-based billing from Certinia. Both powerful and agile, this solution is designed to support even the most complex contracts in one closed-loop process. Centralize any combination of billing models with recurring or non-recurring revenue on a single platform. And create one billing center for both the front and back office without costly integrations or lost data.