Resource Management Tool

Get Insight into Backlog and Capacity

Effective resource management contributes hugely towards making big profits. Resource management tools aim at putting the right people on the right projects. However, with disparate systems, and resource unavailability, resource management can be a laborious process for managers.

Get all the insight you need to scope, plan, manage your people, with the Certinia collaborative platform for resource management. With an integrated tool to guide your resource management activities, you get the one single platform that provides the intelligence to make the right decisions for hiring, aligning them to the right project, and managing their schedules.

Using our integrated resource management tool, you can:

  • Understand which skill sets lead to higher performance
  • Get insight into employee training needs
  • Track performance, goals, re-assign or hire, on need-basis
  • View current, and future demand, to make staffing plans

Being cloud-based, Certinia helps eliminate integration, data silo, and process inefficiencies from existing processes. By removing the inter-departmental barriers, you can collaborate efficiently with other teams easily. With Certinia at the forefront, you can realize utilization rates as high as 86%, which is 25% higher than the average service company (Source: SPI Research).

To learn how to leverage our resource management tool capabilities, see the PSA datasheet or watch the PSA product video tour.